5 Caribbean restaurants to check out during Caribana Weekend

It’s Caribana time! For us in Toronto we know its that time when we see the streets begin to fill with Americans and tourists from around the world that are ready to bruk it down and celebrate Caribbean culture all weekend long.  This is the time of year where you can expect to see feathers on the ground, you might go to a party where they throw baby powder into the air and you can expect to see lots and lots of people lined up for the club.

But whether you’re a tourist experiencing the Carnival culture for the first time or a Torontonian who already knows how to jump up and wave make sure you recharge with some dope Caribbean food! Seriously-you can’t fully enjoy Caribana without tasting the amazing Caribbean food this city has to offer! We’ve rounded up some of the best Caribbean restaurants near the downtown core that you’ve GOT TO check out before the end of this weekend. You’ll thank me later! (Be sure to tell them Black Foodie sent you!)

Street Shak 

646 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1E4

Owned by a Bajan- this is the spot to go to if you want a taste of the best fish sandwich you’ll find outside of Barbados. It is seriously that good! I’m craving it as I type! Street Shak is Toronto’s newest Caribbean fast casual restaurant so you can get a wide variety of Caribbean classics with a twist in a hurry. They’ve got everything from healthy flavorful options like jerk salad to their twist on fish cakes and bakes.  Before you turn up, eat good at Street Shak!


Simones Caribbean Restaurant 

 596 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K 1R1

Simones is the type of Jamaican restaurant you’ve been searching for your whole life. Picture amazing jerk chicken, oxtail, johnny cakes…. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!! All this amazing authentic Jamaican food in the cutest little restaurant ever. YES it exists! This is not just a take out joint- you can chill here and eat some of the best Jamaican food outside of the islands! Their backyard patio is beautiful and the perfect place to enjoy their refreshing sorrel.


Rhum Corner 

 926 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON

So I can’t talk about Caribbean food and forget about the Haitians. If you need that griot or pikliz fix you need to come here! My favourite was the oxtail! It was so good and the venue is beautiful!  It’s a bit of a trek from the downtown core but totally worth the trip!

One Love Vegetarian 

854 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON

one love vegetarian

One love vegetarian food makes vegetarian food so good I thought I was tricked. FOR REAL! Their roti with the TVP and Jamaican pumpkin should win an award. Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, it’s a great place to grab something on the go before you jump up and wave.  They’re closed on Sundays, but its cool- come through to our Doubles vs Patties event instead.

AF1 Caribbean Canteen 

596 College St, Toronto, ON M6G 1B4

Looking for some good Jamaican late night eats ? Check out AF1 Caribbean Canteen for some dope jerk chicken. Our faves are actually their coconut mac and cheese and Saltfish fritters. Plus they got the speakers jamming so you can keep the party going as you dig in.

If you love Caribbean food then come dig in with us at our Annual Doubles vs Patties Caribana event! Come through for the tastiest party of the summer where we serve Trini doubles and Jamaican Patties as we fete! We’re hosting a day party that celebrates Caribbean street food. So get ready to eat good while you get Lit!!

Our good friends at ComeNyam are hooking us up with delicious Oxtail & Jerk chicken patties! Yes you read that right! (Don’t worry vegans we got you too! ) And freshly made Doubles by Singh’s trini Style doubles. Plus Chef Joe Friday will have the grill fired up with lots of Jerk goodness! Come through to Food Society to party with us.

Grab your tickets here!

Ps. if you’re new in town, or if you just want to lime with us on Friday. Come thru to our Welcome to Toronto Pre-game. 


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  • T. O. says:

    I see oxtail mentioned and you’ve my attention! Great list of Caribbean spots to try…will definitely check them out when next I step into Toronto (I have bookmarked it!).

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